Tips and Tasks  

Annual Planting

There is no better way to brighten up your landscape than to introduce brilliant pops of color into your planting beds by installing annuals. Annual Planting is in full swing at TPS. Call today for an estimate to make your landscape the talk of the neighborhood. After all, isn't it time for the Jones' to keep up with you?


We prefer mulch

Not only is it very attractive and easy to put down, but it also keeps weed seeds from germinating for the season.  It comes in many varieties to match your landscaping tastes and will cut down on your watering needs. Lastly, as it breaks down, it will add valuable nutrients to your soil to save you money on fertilizer.

Landscape fabric?

We are often asked if landscape fabric should be used when installing landscaping.  While this is often used as a weed deterrent, there are some things that you should keep in mind.  First, the material can be tough to cut through in areas where you will be planting additional plants such as annuals.   Also, keep in mind that you won’t be able to easily add compost to help with soil nutrition.  And over the seasons, the weed seeds that are naturally scattered on top of the fabric, will nullify their effectiveness anyway.