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We’ve talked about different ways to protect your lawn and garden from various pests throughout the summer and fall, but what about those annoyances that aren’t preventable? We’re talking about leaves. Fall in Western North Carolina is a time full of vibrant color that has people traveling from afar to get a glimpse. We all enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves, but what about when they fall? Our recent wind and rain has caused some premature falling of leaves, and we’re here to help.

Spending your weekends blowing off your driveway or lawn, just to get a handle on the amount of leaves, is the last thing anyone wants to do. So consider hiring a professional to take care of it.

We’re here to advise you on the benefits of utilizing a professional service. The size of your lawn can be a strong determinate when it comes to deciding how best to take care of your lawn. Many people love to have beautiful big yards, but they don’t have the time to maintain. That is where we can help! So why should you pay for a lawn care company to help you maintain your yard?



When hiring a professional service you can count on the experts to treat this job seriously. Multiple people working on a large yard is simply faster than one person working alone. Professional companies also possess the type of equipment that can pick up even the smallest leaf particles from your yard, and collect them all in a space to be taken away. If you are blowing the leaves yourself, you then have to decide where to put them so that they are not in the way of your lawn in the future.


Leaves Are Bad

Excess leaves can effectively suffocate the grass growing underneath. Professionals agree that you should not leave leaves sitting on your lawn for too long, because you risk the grass dying. Being covered restricts plant access to sunlight and can cause molds or fungus to grow. Wet leaves can also attract pests like mosquitos. Lawns that receive TLC on a regular basis can bounce back from some of these occurrences, but you don’t want to test your lawn for too long. A lawn that is already suffering can be completely wiped out with the disregard for fallen leaves, which will cause much more work for you in the spring.

The cost of hiring a professional company varies based on the size of your lawn. When we give you a ballpark estimate, it is because of that variation. The biggest benefit of hiring a company is that the work is taken care of, while you enjoy doing literally anything else! To ensure a good looking lawn in the winter, you have to take care of it in the fall. The more you take care of it now, the less time you will have to spend reviving your lawn come spring when the ground begins to thaw! Referrals are the biggest compliment that you as our loyal customer can give us, so we ant to give back to you as well! Refer a friend to TPS Landscaping and receive 10% off your next leaf removal.