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We’ve been stressing the importance of pest control to help with a healthy lawn and garden throughout all seasons. Pests always seem to manage to find the hardest places to protect to make their homes, and that can include the foundation of your home.

Once we start moving into cooler weather, these little pests might begin to find new homes inside of yours. The best way to prevent against pest infestation is what we call “perimeter pest control.” All of the shrubs that make beautiful landscaping up against your house, could be home to countless pests, unless you properly prevent against them. A great way to prevent against pests is through mulching. Mulch adds another level of sophistication to any landscaping, but it also helps to create an unwelcoming environment for pests.

Another great way to prevent against pests is with a pesticide treatment that can be provided by a local pest specialist. They can spray the outside of your home to ensure that pests that attempt to crawl inside during colder weather are immediately stopped.