Tips and Tasks  

Planting a tree is a great way to mark your time at your home. You can watch it grow throughout the years you spend in your home, and use it as a sentimental personal mile-marker. But in order to have healthy trees for years to come, you have to use the best and correct planting methods to ensure growth.

Digging a hole that is big enough is the first key step to planting your tree. We recommend digging a hole that is at least twice the size of the root ball. Hold the root ball carefully as you place into the hole. Once the tree is placed in the hole, twist it gently to face the direction of your choosing. Make sure that if there is twine or burlap surrounding the root ball that you cut it off and at least push it to the bottom of the hole before refilling.

After you’ve got the tree positioned to your liking backfill the hole; taking a moment every so often to make sure that your tree trunk is still standing straight. The most important part of backfilling the hole is to make sure you leave the dirt surrounding the roots loose so that they have room to easily expand.

Once your tree is in the ground with soil surrounding the roots, drive a stake into the ground through the root ball. The stake will help to protect the tree against wind or any of the other natural elements. Make sure you don't tie the stake too tight, though, so that the trunk as room to grow. In the beginning stages of tree planting, make sure you water it every day. As time progresses, however, you can slowly reduce watering frequency, We hope that these tips help to ensure healthy tree growth in your yard!