Tips and Tasks  

When it comes to lawncare, you always have to be thinking ahead. Even though we are still enjoying this summer, there are fall services that will help prepare your lawn for next year. Now is the time to plan ahead for fall preparational lawn care.  At TPS Landscaping, taking care of your yard is our speciality, just ask our customers. We've listed some of the services that we recommend and provide below, so that you can begin to think about how you want to prepare your lawn in the fall. 


An aerator pulls plugs out of your soil. This helps loosen compacted soil and allows air and water to reach the roots. This helps your roots grow more deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn for next spring. In turn, that better prepares the grass for the heat and stress of the summer months. By aerating in the late summer, you give your lawn a fall growing season and a spring growing season to deepen roots a prepare for next summer.

Fall Seeding

When aeration is combined with a late summer or early fall reseeding, you double your benefit. Not only does the aeration help your existing grass, but disturbing the topsoil also gives your new seeds a great way to make contact with the earth to ensure better germination rates and a thicker more healthy lawn. By giving these seedlings a typically cooler fall and moist growing season, they will be well prepared for winter and a great spring to come.


Fall Fertilization

The final step is giving your existing grass and new seedlings enough food to hibernate for the winter. Although our cool season grasses that stay green all year technically don't hibernate, they do nearly stop their growth process. Think of fall fertilization as the way you prepare your lawn with proper nutrients to build it up for a long winter's nap. Once the warm rays of spring hit it, your lawn will be in a much better position and get jumpstart on the spring growing season.

There you have it! Our three-step process for the fall to help you have your best lawn yet next summer. We are booking quickly, so don't wait too long to call so that your lawn has as much opportunity as possible to prepare for winter.