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The days are long and hot, but the nights are the perfect balmy temperature to sit outside, possibly by your newly finished firepit, and relax in the company of the ones you love. Every other time of the year, when the sun goes down, the temperature drops and enjoying the nighttime is better done indoors. The summer is a great opportunity to throw a barbeque, or spend some much needed time in the great outdoors, even if the outdoors is right outside your house. A great way to further enjoy your landscape is with landscape lighting. 

At TPS Landscaping we have a full range of specialites. We can help design your new patio, firepit, or even driveway as well as help you choose the flora to perfectly accent. What better way to enjoy that flora than with lights illuminating it when the sun can't? These landscape lights not only show off your perfectly manicured flower bed, but also provide for a way to set the mood for your outdoor gathering. Instead of having to move inside due to the lack of light, these lights help you navigate around your patio and provide just enough light to keep the good times rolling, while not overpowering your gathering with spotlight-like illumination. Give us a call today to set up an appointment to have your landscape lighting installed!