Tips and Tasks  
Many people struggle with the common problem of lawn pests. Some of the most common pests include moles and voles. These pests both live underground, but inflict different types of damages to your lawn and plants. Moles mostly eat insects or grubs living underground. The majority of the problems that they cause is due to the loosened dirt their tunneling creates in your lawn. This loosened dirt, however, when mixed with the excess rain that Western North Carolina experiences during the summer can make for a ruined and uneven landscape.

Voles are a little bit more dangerous to your lawn and plants because unlike Moles, they are plant-eaters. They enjoy grass and flower roots and will eat seeds and bulbs.

There are different ways to control Moles and Voles that range from relocation to killing. To identify where exactly the Mole or Vole is living, tramp down on some of the visible tunnels and wait a couple days to see where the ground raises again, that way you know where the active tunnel is. There are a variety of traps and techniques you can use to kill or trap a Mole ranging from homemade traps to traps installed and executed by a professional.

Controlling Voles is best done with an animal such as a cat, but if you don't have a pet cat, we’ve got extra tips in our arsenal! Voles are smaller than Moles in size, so traps made for rodents such as mice will work to catch a Vole. We also might suggest digging sharp materials such as Permatill and Soil Perfector into your soil, or even mixing some gravel into your soil to make it uncomfortable for the Vole to tunnel.

Soil pests can be the death of a perfectly good garden, but with our tips and a call to a specialist, you might be able to salvage your hard earned lawn and garden. These pests are not only summer nuisances, so make sure that whatever work you do to rid yourself of them, you keep an eye out for them to reemerge!