Tips and Tasks  

It’s officially springtime, which means that weeds are about to make their grand entrance into your yard if they haven’t already. Although weeds do add a bit of green, they could be seriously damaging your grass so that when they are gone, only dirt patches remain. Here are some helpful tips at fighting those pesky weeds to maintain a healthy yard.

When you see weeds sprouting in your lawn or in your garden, the first instinct is to pull them out of the ground by hand. However, if you pull the weeds out by hand their roots can remain intact and sprout new weeds. The best practice is to use a a product that both feeds your lawn, while also killing the weeds. Another product to think about using is a pre-emergent weed killer to take care of some of the pests that emerge during the summer months.

As always, maintaining healthy lawn care practices is key in protecting your yard against weeds. Making sure your lawn stays hydrated and not just on the surface level is important. At TPS Landscaping we have just started to offer irrigation systems that come with a control panel, so that ideal watering time doesn’t have to interfere with your sleep schedule. Your lawn mower blade should be set high, setting it too low to your grass will result in it dying. You can also use a fertilizer that helps to feed your grass to maintain it’s health throughout the spring and summer.