Tips From the Pros


When the cold weather comes and the wind blows the last of the leaves off of the trees you might think that your landscaping days are over until the spring, but that’s just not true! Even though your plants might not be the liveliest during the winter months, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have others that you can focus on to add a bit of decoration to your landscape.

Why didn’t someone warn us that we were in for hurricane-like conditions?! I think it’s safe to say that nobody was quite as prepared as they might have liked to be in order to deal with the amount of water that poured into Hendersonville recently. With how badly the roads flooded, our minds were on the many lawns that could have acted as impromptu swimming pools had the weather been warmer. So you might be wondering, what is the best course of action to take as your lawn begins to drain? How should you handle the newly landed leaves, and what is the appropriate time to wait before you even think about mowing? We’re here to help.

Can you smell that? It’s the smell of fall hitting the Blue Ridge Mountains at long last! The leaves are changing, so be sure to head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway before the winds pick up too much and the trees lose their color. We have talked about not allowing leaves to stay on the ground for too long, especially after a heavy rain, and the best removal is your old friend, the rake.

We’ve talked about different ways to protect your lawn and garden from various pests throughout the summer and fall, but what about those annoyances that aren’t preventable? We’re talking about leaves. Fall in Western North Carolina is a time full of vibrant color that has people traveling from afar to get a glimpse. We all enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves, but what about when they fall? Our recent wind and rain has caused some premature falling of leaves, and we’re here to help.

Even though it’s beginning to feel a lot like fall, it is probable that you haven’t been able to stop mowing your lawn. The warm weather has kept our grass growing later into the year than usual, and that also means you have weed control that you have to take care of. Weeds like dandelions are the frustration of many yard gurus alike. They sprout up and seem to take over your lawn before you even have time to react. This is the time of year to fight back against these pests. This is the time of year that dandelions are in their energy-absorbing mode. They soak up any bit of moisture thrown their way in order to survive. Apply herbicides now that they are sure to drink up. Actions such as this can prevent these weeds from returning in the spring.